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Set on the wonderful island of Corsica, Carmina recording studio is a modern recording facility, where artists, producers and engineers can escape their daily distractions and focus solely on making music.


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Carmina Recording Studio

Carmina versatile recording and mixing room is top notch, housing an array of the finest audio equipment, operated by Julien Muraccioli, a qualified audio engineer with more than 15 years experience as a Recording, Mixing and Mastering engineer, for many recording studios in USA, UK, and France, multi-platinum artists and national radios as a Broadcast engineer.

Embraced in the breath-taking natural environment of the island of Corsica, Carmina inspires creativity.

Latest News

  • Sylvie Biaggioni Promo Royaume D'Awen

OPERA Le Royaume D’Awen

Opera Le Royaume D'Awen - Sylvie Biaggioni - Recording, Mixing, Mastering at Carmina Recording Studio in 2023

  • Cover Doria Ousset - Stanca

Doria Ousset – Stanca

Song recorded and produced in May 2020 at Carmina recording studio https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qOl6UYrgAQ0